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Young man opens fire at Los Angeles airport

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – A young man on Friday at the largest airport in Los Angeles opened fire and thereby slain a security officer. At least seven people were injured, six of whom were taken to hospital. Among the wounded is at least one colleague shot security. The culprit is the police shot and arrested, the authorities. Reported He’s hurt. U.S. media reported that the perpetrator of the 23-year-old American Paul Anthony Ciancia from the Los Angeles region. According to eyewitnesses, he had to camouflage. He acted according to the police alone. He produced his assault rifle with a huge stir at the airport in the west of the metropolis. Outbound flights were halted for some time and departure and arrival halls were evacuated while a bevy agents tried to determine whether there were more shooters and if there were placed bombs. The aviation authorities have indicated that traffic is largely back to normal. The Los Angeles airport has nine terminals and is the sixth busiest airport in the world with nearly 60 million passengers per year (nearly three times more than Schiphol).


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