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World record at auction: The Psalm Book of $ 14.2 million

NEW YORK (Reuters / RTR) - A small psalter from the United States is the most expensive printed book in the world since Tuesday. The Bay Psalm Book of 1640 was in New York for more than $ 14.2 million (10 million euros) under the hammer, made famous auction house Sotheby’s. It is the first time that a printed book for such a huge amount auctioned. However, the proceeds of the auction is the vendors might encounter. The value of the Bay Psalm Book was previously estimated at $. Appearance some 30 million It is probably the first book was printed in the United States. The psalter was printed in 1640 in Cambridge, MA. It is one of the best preserved copies of the work. The church, which owned the book, finally decided to sell to pay. Repairs to their building.


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