fat girl dance pic

Dancing fat woman hit on Youtube

Every day we select for you a remarkable video that we believe is worth. Today: Dancing fat woman hit on Youtube. The American Way Witney Thore considering since her illness nearly 100 pounds heavier than before. And they ashamed not occur, she says. Her spirited dance video for fat people is a hit on YouTube. The Thore from North Carolina is suffering from a metabolic disorder.

Before she got she weighed 59 pounds. In the meantime, there has become 160. For Thore is no reason to give her. Hobby Thore is an avid dancer. But that does not seem everyone around her now she has a top-heavy body. “Cultural norms, social pressure and the moods of the fashion industry should not determine my worth as a woman go,” she writes on her website . And so she dances full of energy and joy in her leggings movements that her obese peers would rather run.

In the privacy of their home .At the request of a colleague left Thorpe, who works at a local radio station to record. Dance clip It is now her campaign ‘No Body Shame Campaign ” which linked ‘to love yourself. “Thore peer call .In fact, she advocates “aggressive self-love.”

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