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Jennifer Aniston at age 20 in strip club

Jennifer Aniston at age 20 in strip club – 

Jennifer Aniston visited as a 20-year-old already a strip club and she is not ashamed of. “I thought it looked quite nice, although I still had to do the same with those women. Then I have also spoken with strippers. Some really fun in their work and consider it as a serious profession,” she says to the AD. The experiences that the actress has gained in the club, she used to give her. Role as a stripper in the new film We’re the Millers form For the scene in which she gives a striptease, Aniston has to train hard. “I wanted to look natural as possible,” says the 44-year-old Jennifer. “I also followed a strict diet. Dance Then I rehearsed with my choreographer that you see in the movie.” Jennifer sat as a stripper in her skin tight, but looked anyway reluctant to go out.’s Clothes “It was intimidating for a camera crew to perform. Certainly from such dance because I did not want to do that. Consecutive days Luckily it all went smoothly.” We’re the Millers runs from Thursday in Dutch cinemas.

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